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Intervention / Art by Janna Graham and Nicolas Vass


“Artistic interventions have been turned into something of a fetish in artistic circles and institutions. Even the best intentions from artists, organizers, and curators often end up absorbing the radical histories and potentials of past actions and interventions within and outside the sphere of culture. By virtue of the “artistic” moniker, institutions and organizations often neutralize the idea of an intervention, extricating it from its situated environment in politically informed civil life. The idea that an intervention can be performed within the boundaries of the art industries as an action exogenous to the space, people, or conflict intervened in is thus normalized. In these circumstances the political itself is sanitized and the action appropriated for nothing more than a cynically calculated move to be used in an artistic, curatorial or institutional CV.”

read on http://www.p-art-icipate.net/cms/intervention-art/

Gallery PS2 wall installation of photo documentation
Gallery PS2 wall installation of photo documentation

when site specific art goes wrong

link – from Newcastle Chronicle-Call to revamp £1.6m artwork left in disrepair


it seems that so often these big budget public art gig go wrong.

this seems to be one of them. A ‘carpet’ of blue tiles whose hue  did not last 8 years (this post is from 2011). And which broke and injured a passerby.  At £1.6 million in 90s money that is a lot of cash – and the taxpayers ahvenot ay thousands annulaly just to mantina it.


do we relay need ‘art’ like this?


no, not really. it’s just ego wank for the artist and the council



Transformation of space

A semi-derelict housing estate in East London will become a space for a huge site specific mural art project by Nazir Tanbouli. Nazir, who collaborated with Luna Nera in Belfast, Berlin and Cambridge shows, will take over the whole site with massive hand painted (that’s with a brush, Michelangelo-style!) murals. Starting in March it will run through to the Olympics London 2012.

The location’s still secret, but we will keep you up to date and the project launch will be something to see!

Nazir's mural - Factory-Berlin

ps. you can follow Naz’s own blog on http://www.nazirtanbouli.wordpress.com