Luna Nera was founded in London by Gillian McIver, Valentina Floris, Chris Singer and Sandrine Albert. We created a network of artists working in different media who came together to work on collaborations, group shows, networked projects, films and so on. Our network included many artists closely and regularly associated with Luna Nera and made an ongoing contribution to our projects.


Gillian McIver site

Valentina Floris + Ben Foot (SDNA) –

Nazir Tanbouli – associate site

Hilary Powell – associate site

Takatsuna Mukai associate site


Julian Ronnefeldt site

Agnes Domke – associate site


Sandrine Albert site


Natasha Mayran

Gil Bensmana – associate site


Mikhail Pogarsky site

Dirizhable site

In addition, Luna Nera worked with an astonishing array of fantastically-talented artists and performers, including:

The Tiger Lillies /  Marissa Carnesky / J. Milo Taylor / Joel Cahen / Andy Bolus-Evil Moisture / Claudine Schaeffer-Legrand / The Jesus Underground / Bingo / Caia Matheson / Nicola Green and Jairo Zaldua / Liliana Klimova / Michael Park / Mark Squire / Mark Video /Stephanie Crouail / Derek Hart / Charro Ramirez / Peter Findlay / Stelios Styllianou / Cos Ahmet / Elfie Brandther / Stephanie Mas / Jo Vox / Juana Serrat / David Remondo / Rey Akdogan / Sumer Erek / Jenny Brockmann / Michael Alstad / Kelty McKinnon / Liane Lang /Derek Szteliga / Leo Koenigsberg /


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  1. 1 joo choon lin
    11/11/2009 at 6:17 am

    Great site-responsive work!
    One of the best i ever seen.
    Thank you.

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